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75 years of Jaguar: Jubilee drive from Gaydon to Goodwood

75 years of Jaguar
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7 5 years of Jaguar - a reason to celebrate: The Queen liked each other to recover from the exertions of the Pope's visit, when a huge field of starters passed directly in front of the gates of the Buckingham Palace early in the morning: 75 aged Jaguar models like the SS100, XK, C- and D-Type, E-Type and XJ-S made their way to the Goodwood Revival Meeting to celebrate the brand's anniversary with more than 140,000 spectators.

From SS Cars Ltd. 1945 Jaguar

The evening before, Jaguar had celebrated appropriately in the famous Mayfair Hotel - after all, the first Jaguar SS 100 was presented there on September 21, 1935 by company founder William Lyons - at a time when the company itself still SS Cars Ltd. was called. It was not until 1945 that the model name Jaguar became the official company name Jaguar Cars Ltd. Long-time test driver Norman Dewis, who turned 90 on August 3rd and was already 15 years old when the brand was just born, was also present at the anniversary gala. Dewis was Chief Test Development Engineer from 1952 to 1985 and during his active time competed in such famous types as the XK 140, XK 150 and E-Type Mark II.

With a Jaguar Mk II on the Road to Goodwood

Simon Welch has also been a great Jaguar admirer from childhood. He already owned five different E-types. A Mk II from 1961 has also been part of it since July, with which he is now taking part in the anniversary tour. 'I bought the car at auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed,' he says as he guides the car through central London. 'Then I applied to Jaguar to take part in this anniversary drive - and I was actually accepted.'

During the drive through London, Welch had to stir hard in the gang box: 'In 1961 it wasn't a real Jaguar. Gearbox, it still comes from the Moss company ', he explains his switching work. Otherwise, the limousine makes life easy for him in the hustle and bustle of London: narrow A-pillar, small cockpit, large windows - the all-round view is perfect. 'I'm the third owner,' says Welch. 'The second was the son of the first owner. I will meet with him soon so that I can get more documents from the car.'

Welch is now driving the car on the M25 towards Sussex: 'Quite loud here in there, right? ', he asks with a grin and takes care of his wellbeingFriend Wendy, who has taken a seat in the back. Wendy's fine. The two of them enjoy the ride - and they even made new friends: 'One of the other participants lives only 20 miles away from me, we'll meet more often soon,' says Simon, who at the beginning could hardly get over the fact that Jaguar was on the Indian brand Tata was sold: 'But then I made it clear to myself that the company couldn't survive on its own, and that's how I've now accepted it.' Short refueling break on the narrow country roads of southern England. What does the Jaguar Mk II need? '20 miles per galon', calculates Simon and rolls into the parking lot of the Goodwood Revival Meeting. 'But next, I'll buy another E-Type in the lightweight version.' Friend Wendy likes to hear it: She likes the sports car much better than the venerable Mk II sedan.


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