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7: 01.3 minutes: Viper ACR misses the Nordschleife record!

Eric Meyer //@photobymeyer
Viper ACR record attempt on the Nürburgring
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O b Russ Oasis disappointed is? Maybe a little, after all, it was his idea to send the Dodge Viper ACR on its last mission: The record for street-legal vehicles on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring was to be broken. A unique project because the record attempt was crowdfunded through donations from Viper fans and Nürburgring freaks. No manufacturer, neither Dodge nor FCA, was behind it. Only Kumho sponsored the tires.

Lance David Arnold almost drove under the 7-minute limit

In the end it didn't work out: substitute driver Lance David Arnold, who was responsible for the in the VLN active Luca Stolz and Dominik Farnbacher jumped in, punched a 7: 01.3 minutes into the asphalt of the “Green Hell” on his fifth lap. If you look at the lap, you can see immediately that there was still a lot more possible: Arnold interconnected a few times, doesn't hit the ideal line perfectly in some corners and could pick up the pace here and there. 'The Viper was also full at this point.'

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'Everyone believed that the Viper ACR would be good enough for a 6:55 minute lap,' says Russ Oasis. And by everyone he doesn't mean just any spectators, but his technicians and the drivers themselves. All three would have said: “The car is just amazing!”

Nonetheless, the lap time of 7: 01.3 minutes can definitely be achieved let see. That means rank 3 in the all-time list of the best Nordschleife heroes. The ACR is thus behind the Lamborghini Huracán (6:52 minutes) and the Porsche 918Spyder (6:57 minutes) . And in contrast to the Lambo and the 918, the Viper ACR only uses rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox instead of all-wheel drive and dual clutch transmission.

And in the end a ring record falls

Means: The Viper ACR has now broken a record after all, namely the one for rear-wheel drive, manually shifted sports cars. Our sport auto super tester Christian Gebhardt broke the record for these sports cars some time ago - with the Corvette Z06, which is not unlike the Viper ACR, he drove a 7:14 minute.

Lance Arnold could have been faster too - without doubt. But it wasn't meant to be. The Viper ACR struggled with tire problems throughout the record attempt - the Kumho V720s simply didn't last long enough. And at some point the consequences became clearly noticeable. At 220 km /h - in the middle of a curve - the left front tire of Arnold's Viper burst. He brushed against the guardrail, then slid across the track to the other side, and crashed into the other guardrail. Fortunately, he was unharmed. In contrast to his company car, which was badly damaged. A picture shows how severe the impact must have been.

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The blog 'Nürburgring: Bridge to Gantry ” gets to the point:“ Don't see this Viper as a broken car, but as a hero with scars from his fight. A fallen champion who fought for thousands of fans around the world. Without factory support, without automatic transmission, without questionable tires or turbos with more steam than indicated. “

So long, Viper ACR!

Background: Fundraising campaign for the Viper ACR

Although the bar is now much higher, the fans have not let up. The Viper Club of America raised funds on the Internet via a crowdfunding- Page Money for the undertaking on the Nordschleife. US $ 159,000 should be raised through donations. The money will be used to hoist two Dodge Viper ACR across the Atlantic, pay for the route rental and repay the operating costs on site. A Texas Viper dealer had previously agreed to provide the two required ACRs.

The fundraising campaign paid off: 378 Viper fans donated a total of 165,160 US dollars. According to the current exchange rate, this corresponds to around 147,000 euros. Makes an average of around 388 euros per nose. Anyone who paid $ 10,000 or more for the planned trip to the Nordschleife, which was originally planned for April but is now to take place in July, will be invited to the track.

Can the displacement giant with 8, 4-liter V10 really set a new record? After the last few improvements, this is hard to imagine. There is a reference. The 2010 model with Dominik Farnbacher lapped the dreaded Eifel piste in 7: 12.13 minutes ( article ). The current Viper ACR with 654 PS and 814 Nm should be able to undercut that. Especially since the engineers put a lot of effort into aerodynamics. With its wing mechanism, the US sports car should generate just under a ton of downforce at 285 km /h. The Viper already holds records on 13 US routes.

Either way: It would be a worthy farewell for the Viper. Dominik Farnbacher and Luca Stolz were chosen for the last ride on the Nordschleife. The Viper ACR comes with the 'Extreme Aerodynamic Package' and will compete on Kumho semi-slicks in the dimensions 295/25 R19 at the front and 355/30 R19 at the rear.


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