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69th ADAC Eifelrennen: Orientation aid - the map

Motor Klassik
69. ADAC Eifelrennen
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Eifel race like in days gone by - Pure paddock atmosphere. This is how the Eifel race will be presented in 2010. The old paddock attracts with its pre-war atmosphere; Group C, Formula 1, Indycars and Champcars can be found in the pit area of ​​the Grand Prix paddock.

Legend tent and super athletes, clubs and cover band

The starting fields for the super sports cars from Mercedes-Benz and the racers of the 300 km Eifel race and - with their own tent - the Formula Junior Historic Race Association are also in the new paddock. There is also the 'Legends Tent' with the 2010 theme: 'Legends with Passion - 100 Years of Alfa Romeo and Italian Sports Cars'.

There is also space here for some clubs for vehicle presentations and discussions. The Motor Klassik tent with its own Parc Fermé is located at box 10 on the wide paddock boulevard, which connects the two paddocks with the Mercedes-Arena. Uniformity starters will find their lineup and exhibition here.

The big club meetings also have enough space and proximity to the action there. On Saturday evening the event arena on the Ring attracts visitors with a concert by 'Still Collins' - Germany's best Phil Collins and Genesis cover band. So it's a full program.


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