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360-degree views of 500 new car models inside and out

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S o exactly you could never look at more than 250 series! A simple registration and you can move the cursor with the mouse through high-resolution image material in the new application and 'fly' virtually through vehicle interiors and around cars.

Almost 500 models from 45 manufacturers

There are currently almost 500 models from 45 manufacturers available - and the range is constantly being expanded.

The 360 ​​° view of each model allows an all-round view of the exterior and, above all, the interior. There are also animations of equipment components in the interior views. For example, glove and storage compartments can be viewed as opened or closed. There are exact detailed views of the instruments and dashboard.

The 360 ​​° views offer a completely new impression of the vehicles - as detailed as a real seat sample.

In the article navigation on the left you can find the 360 ​​° views

How to get to the 360 ​​° - Views

Just click on '360 ° view' in the article navigation in the left column under 'In this article'! In the article you are currently reading, we have assigned 360 ° views of the new Audi A4 So if you click on 360-degree view in the left column below the picture, you can take a very close look at the new mid-range Audi - but first you have to Register - with name, email address and password - that's it. It is worth it! If you read this article in the mobile view, then you will find the 360 ​​° views of the A4 here .

In the model navigation 'All cars from AZ 'the 360 ​​° views are stored

You can also find the new feature in our Brand overview : In the upper navigation bar on our site there is the tab 'Brands', below the blue button 'All cars from A to Z'. Both lead to the auto-motor-und-sport brand overview. There you can call up the desired manufacturer and the series. The '360 ° view' button then appears in the image of the respective car.

We also offer a direct link to the 360 ​​° views in the magazine: Simply scan the QR code printed in the article and you're done the selected cockpit comes as an all-round view on the smartphone display. What that looks like, you can see on your smartphone here!


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