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& # 34; Sunday car & # 34;: Maybach, from the offside into the afterlife

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D aimler CEO Zetsche personally announced the end of the brand in 2012. Previously, building a second generation at the British luxury brand Aston Martin had been discussed for months. We now know: Mercedes will be the new luxury brand.

In an interview with the FAZ, Zetsche admitted that the reintroduction of the brand in 2002 was ultimately a loss. The planned number of pieces could never be achieved. The car is now to be resold until the new S-Class generation comes onto the market in 2013.

Maybach luxury division of Daimler since 2002

At the IAA 2005, Maybach showed the Coupé Exelero based on the Maybach 57, which was made to order for Fulda at Stola in Italy.

In 2002, Daimler reintroduced the luxury brand with the two models Maybach 57 and Maybach 62. Customers had to shell out around 405,000 euros or 545,000 euros for the exclusive luxury models. In 2005, the S versions of the two models followed, which are characterized by more power and sporty modifications. In the same year, Maybach also presented the Exelero, a concept vehicle based on the 57 S. The breathtaking coupé that Maybach had commissioned by Fulda to manufacture at the Italian bodywork forge Stola cost a total of eight million dollars. From 2008 the luxury manufacturer also offered a particularly exclusive version of the Maybach 62 S. There was also the landaulet version, a sedan with a fabric top over the rear compartment. Maybach only built it on request.

The first facelift of the luxury sedan followed in 2010. Before that, Maybach presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2009, based on the Maybach Zeppelin from the 1930s, a Zeppelin version limited to 100 copies.The exclusive model spoiled its passengers with, among other things, real lambskin for the feet and a flacon fragrance system that sprays exquisite perfumes in the interior at the push of a button. The core of the Zeppelin, however, is the acrylic glass ball on the rear center console that can be illuminated from the inside.

The compass that points to Mecca

At the IAA 2011, just a few months before the end For the 125th anniversary of the automobile, Maybach presented a one-off with the name Edition 125. With the special model, the manufacturer presented numerous new customization options such as the illuminated Maybach logo as well as the new decorative elements and rims.

There are several inside the Xenatec Cruserio Types of leather used. The footwell is lined with Alcantara.

At Maybach, great importance has always been attached to detail, and exclusive customer requests have not gone unheard. Worth mentioning: the compass in the center console. This instrument was very popular in the Arab world because it doesn't just point north but towards Mecca. The special body manufacturer Xenatec, who turns the Maybach 57 S into a coupé, promised even more exclusivity. In October 2011, however, the company had to file for bankruptcy.

Since its reintroduction in 2002, around 3,000 copies of the luxury sedan have been built in Sindelfingen. According to Zetsche, the discontinuation of the brand should not result in any layoffs, because the skills were required for the “offensive with a star”. Daimler aims to become the leading manufacturer in the luxury class segment by 2020. This should be aimed primarily at the new S-Class, with which the group has been covering the luxury segment since 2013. The new generation of the sedan will be available in four wheelbases. In addition to an extra-long Pullman version that will serve as a state limousine, there is also a smaller XL-S-Class that will inherit the Maybach.


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