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& # 34; Operation Meltdown & # 34 ;: New York confiscates 46 ice cream trucks

'Operation Meltdown'
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J Everyone likes ice cream. Really everyone? You can't be so sure about Bill de Blasio. After all, New York's current mayor is currently having a whole armada of ice cream trucks confiscated. And that shortly after the Democrat announced that he wanted to become the next US president. But do you increase your popularity and attract votes by collecting 46 ice cream trucks? After all, (almost) everyone likes ice cream ...

$ 4.5 million in fines

Of course, the action has a serious background. In the past ten years, the 46 ice cream vans together have committed 22,000 traffic violations. Above all, this includes offenses such as blocking hydrants, parking sidewalks and zebra crossings or driving over red traffic lights. Overall, the ice cream truck operators owe the city of New York City about $ 4.5 million in fines.

But apparently the ice cream vendors or their clients didn't just pay no parking tickets. The city accuses them of running the whole thing with amazing criminal energy. Accordingly, the ice cream truck operators joined forces and founded a dozen so-called shell companies. Through this practice, which is similar to that of letterbox companies, the tax authorities apparently did not get directly to the people behind this construct as soon as they want to collect the fines. Prosecutor Zachary W. Carter speaks of an “elaborate game”, “fake companies” and “fraudulent transactions” that led Bill de Blasio to take his drastic action.

Operation 'Meltdown'

“No New Yorker is above the law. Especially not those who try to ignore public safety laws and create dangerous situations for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, ”says Bill de Blasio. “For years, the operators have ignored public safety laws and the ice cream vendors move their cars dangerously through the city's busiest areas. This seizure marks the end of the road for the ice cream vendors to break the law


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