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& # 34; Car Jumping & # 34; in England: The slightly different trackday

'Car Jumping' in England
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O whether Ruben Neves will make it to world fame in his life depends entirely on how many 'car jumping' competitions he survives. After all, the car jumping newcomer won the last run.

Long jump competition instead of track day

A race track turns into a junkyard at the 'Car Jumping' Olympics. Instead of going on a track day with their cars, the participants in this bizarre competition discovered their preference for the car long jump. Of course, their cars usually don't survive that. For the audience, however, there is an incomparable spectacle. Perhaps they will also come to this Destruction Derby because it is more exciting and full of action than any DTM race.

It all starts with a small car that is apparently no longer roadworthy. He takes a run, races over a ramp and tries to jump over as many junk trucks as possible. A total of ten completely battered cars have to be passed on the fly.

Like all participating vehicles, the small 90s car, equipped with a roll bar, only manages eight, then it first hits a white Alfa Romeo with its nose, turns on its own axis and remains on the roof. Rescue workers rush in to check whether the driver is still alive. Incredible!

Destruction Derby with a caravan

The official winner goes on this memorable day in Angmering, West -Sussex, also a purple Golf III. At the wheel was Ruben Neves, who jumped nine cars on the first attempt. In the second there weren't quite that many. The Golf stays on the roof. The crowd rages. Ruben survived. 'I would do it again in a heartbeat,' he says with a grin. However, the secret star is a different vehicle today.

The old Ford Escort is dragging a caravan behind him as he rumbles over the ramp. After a few meters it lands roughly - but the car is still roadworthy. So he makes another run-up and jumps full hut through the broken caravan, which he dismantles into all its individual parts. The guys from Top Gear and their hatred of caravans, so-called 'Caravans' are a good example.

When the escort comes to a standstill after a few overturns, there is smoke from the bonnet. The driver climbs through the roof and cheers for the spectators. 'Wow, absolutely awesome!' He said exuberantly in the interview after his 'breakthrough'. He goesapparently at least physically, his car is not. We hope he will run again. There are simply too many caravans in the world.

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