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& # 34; Best Cars 2019 & # 34 ;: Mercedes C-Class reclaims victory

'Best Cars 2019' middle class
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Alfa rises, Tesla falls

First As in the previous year, the import model in the overall ranking was the Alfa Romeo Giulia in ninth place. It moves up one rank, while the Tesla Model 3, despite the increase in votes, drops one place to 14th compared to the previous year. The bottom of the list, with 0.1 percent of the vote, goes to the Subaru with the sonorous name of Levorg. The Toyota Avensis and the Outback, another Subaru, are just ahead of them.

The import ranking, which is no surprise, clearly wins the Giulia with 20.8 percent of the votes. Also in second place nothing changes compared to 2018 - here the Superb from Skoda ranks. There is only a scramble for the bronze medal. Here, Volvo overtakes the British competition with the S60 and V60, and relegates the Jaguar XE to fourth place. At the bottom of the flagpole, as in the overall standings, the flag of the Subaru Levorg flies with 0.4 percent of the votes.

You can find the overall result of the readers' choice “Best Cars 2019” in the middle class in the slideshow.


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