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32 slogans on Hyundai's 2018 World Cup buses

Football World Cup team buses 2018
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U nd like at every World Cup, these team buses should have concise slogans adorn. These team slogans were allowed to determine football fans worldwide. Voting took place in two phases. After a round of suggestions and voting on three selected slogans, the winning slogans are now fixed and can then be seen prominently together with the respective national colors on the flanks of the team buses - once in English and as a Russian translation.

This is where the desert knights ride

In addition to more conventional slogans such as “Together for a dream” on the Argentine bus, or “Go, Poland” for Poland, there are also a few quite funny slogans. The Panama bus emblazoned: “The power of the two seas”, Saudi Arabia drives to the games as “Desert Knights” and Switzerland flirts with “Four languages, one nation.” And the German World Cup bus ? On the emblazoned: ... look at our photo show.

By the way, the inventors of the respective winning slogans also benefit from the election: All 32 football fans are allowed to travel to Russia with an accompanying person travel.


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