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1/8 mile: A highlight of the High Performance Days 2018

1/8 mile race 2018
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W hen everyday for most visitors to the High Performance Days 2018 starts again, many will draw on what they experienced on these three days at the Hockenheimring. Because where else is there the chance to send your own vehicle to 1/8 mile? With timekeeping and an all-round security package such as marshals, ambulance and everything else that goes with it - and all of it legally! So it is not surprising that not only the PS monsters like Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or Audi took to the starting line. In addition to a French with 60 hp, two Kreidler mopeds from the 1970s with just under two hp fought a thrilling race. And that wasn't so stupid at all. Because for the fee of ten euros, they definitely had most of the tarmac time that weekend. So everything was done right from a marketing point of view.

Marcel Sommer
Two Kreidler mopeds between the PS monsters at the 1/8 mile race of the High Performance Days 2018.

The thing about the price

And yes, ten euros. The 20 euros initially advertised did not only seem a little too high for the visitors of the HPD 2018 for the almost 200 meters of pure sprinting pleasure. In short, those responsible for the event decided on Saturday to cut the price in half or to allow the 20 euro participants a second start. The word got around so quickly across the entire event site of the Hockenheimring that the spectators at the pit wall and in the grandstands were really fed up with countless duels. Some participants found it so unique that they practically only drove in circles. Start, finish, start, finish ... At least it shouldhave given a participant who, completely dissolved, looked for the last of his cash in the form of change from the cracks of his car in order to be able to drive a sprint duel in the end.

Already a highlight of the next HPD

A particularly worth seeing duel took place between the E-Unit, the rescue unit from the Nürburgring and the local ambulance. With flashing lights and a siren it was 1/8 mile. Only sparkling smartphone lenses could be seen in the stands and on the pit wall. It is not without reason that it should already be clear today that the 1/8 mile will become one of the highlights of the next High Performance Days. Provided that a reasonable price is agreed beforehand.

And now have fun with the video and the gradually growing photo gallery!


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