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17 things from the 1990s that we no longer miss today

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Harlequin polo, miracle trees, DTM exhaust & Co.
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D this Polo from 1995 looked like a moving spare parts warehouse. Sure, we're talking about the Harlequin edition of the VW small car, which made the whole of Germany ponder with its differently painted body parts.

VW Polo Harlequin: accidentally becoming a 90s icon

What did that mean? A red roof, yellow and turquoise doors and blue fenders? VW actually only wanted to advertise its construction kit - and involuntarily became a style icon of the 90s. Without any lavish motorization. Most of the time the Polo was only 60 hp and was powered by an antique 1.7 liter naturally aspirated diesel, another relic from the nineties.

'Rock' star Jon Bon Jovi fits into this category. VW immortalized its name in a special edition of the 3 Series Golf. The same fate suffered really legendary cult bands like Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones, downgraded to equipment lines by VW. How could they?

Retrofit radios and exhausts that point upwards

Another bad taste We owe it to the invention of the compact disc: the good cassette deck was thrown out for lack of the ability to play CDs, and was sold to the local scrap dealer for a decade. Just to make room for a Kenwood or JVC retrofit radio, extremely vivid and with its wildly flashing digital display a thorn in the side of 'Only Original is Original' fans. The graphic equalizer, high power amplifier compatibility and - very clearly - lots of bass were considered particularly cool.

It didn't just have to be loud in the interior: The nineties were the decade of fatal exhaust modifications. Everyone still remembers the 'DTM-Style' exhaust with the tailpipes pointing upwards. Just why? It was mostly not the sound, because it was mostly just loud, but not nice. What if it came from a completely tinkered BMW 316i Compact with retrofit Angeleyes?

The 90s were also the decade of seat covers, which ensured that the car was scrapped with almost brand-new seats. Famous and still in use today: the lambskin steering wheel protector and the blue scented trees with a 'fresh' sports scent. You can find more curiosities in our picture gallery.


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