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15th Braunschweiger Mini Days: Over 1,000 kilometers in a Mini Moke

Anna Matuschek
15. Braunschweiger Mini Days
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M You won't find a convertible like the Mini Moke. Well, there is a cloth cap and 'hang up' side parts, but otherwise the mini-based beach cruiser is very airy - and is more of an adventure than transport.

Mini Moke without trunk

In the absence of a trunk, we secure the luggage with a fishing net in the stern compartment before departure, where two more seats are usually bolted. However, extreme caution is required in the curves - not only does the camping equipment slip easily out of the small sheet metal shell, the passenger also threatens to get out of the car unintentionally. After all, our vehicle from 1989 has seat belts, which is not part of the equipment in every model. The words equipment and moke are as different as pickles and banana chips. Of course the radio doesn't sound - we certainly don't expect a cigarette lighter, GPS device: 'Pffft'.

Thumbs up for the Mini Moke

So off to the Autobahn. 100km /h are ok, at 110 things it gets extremely loud and airy, at 120 km /h you hardly want to trust the little one with the angular dimensions anymore. But there is plenty of landscape to see through sunglasses on the A7 through the Kassler mountains. Road users keep sticking their thumbs out of their everyday cars. We are not sure: 'Envy or pity?'. After changing to the A39 and 50 kilometers later, the sign shows us the long-awaited exit 'Königslutter'. High time, it is now late at night and we have put a sleeping bag over our legs to protect against the cold, there would be a heater, but it is not ready for use 'at the moment'. What feels like hours later we reach 'Räbke am Nord-Elm' and with it our destination.

Finally at the Braunschweiger Mini Tage

The 'Braunschweiger Mini Tage' are taking place this weekend - a meeting for fans of the classic Mini. The 'Mini Löwen Brauschweig' club is now organizing this popular come-together for the 15th time. And, everyone agrees: it's great every year. In 2010, the lions chose the beautiful campsite in the recreation area as the event location. Clean sanitary facilities, a large lake and even a swimming pool - that borders on luxury at a car meeting. The Mini Moke parks next to its brand brothers in the row and is already scratching with the twelve inch wheels when we pick it up for the exit.

The mini fans celebrate on Saturday evening

Over a hundred minis roll off at once and stumble across country lanes and through the small towns around Braunschweig. Everything looks so peaceful and all corners of the mouth are permanently pointing upwards. Only after three o'clock does the column roll back to Räbke and are greeted with coffee and cake. In addition, the time seems ripe for a few laps in the pool and a nap in the sun - the evening program with the band Grenzrock will certainly continue into the early hours of the morning ... and then we have a good 500 kilometers return journey in the open moke.


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