14 car window ice scrapers in the test

Dino Eisele
14 ice scrapers tested
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W hen the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are freezing at night falls below, the time of the window scratching begins again. The ice age. Then it is particularly difficult for lantern parkers who leave their car outside in the open overnight. Every morning they have to scrape a nasty layer of ice off the car with cold fingers and endure the pitying smile of the neighbor who has a parking heater. Those who are spoiled have a choice. So an ice scraper is needed for safety. With the extensive range that is now available in car dealerships, online mail order companies and the promotional gift industry, the choice is not easy.

The right scratch for every situation

Inexpensive or expensive? Metal or plastic blade? Long, short or extendable handle? Or isn't the simple 99-cent model in CD case format enough? So much can be revealed: there is a suitable ice scraper for every situation. If you have the small pane of a Mazda MX-5 in front of you in the morning, you have different demands than the driver of a VW Multivan. For them, the telescopic rod of the Kungs Tele-IS is worthwhile, as it extends the handle up to 105 centimeters and thus also makes distant places accessible.

The blue and white Michelin ice scraper, its blade, is just as good can even be turned and used from several sides. A particularly smart detail are the ice teeth attached below, which can be used without turning the scraper - but unfortunately only deliver mediocre results.

The opposite is the inexpensive Nigrin Silver Soft ice scraper. It has the best ice teeth in the test, but has to be turned around to use them so that the handle, which is already quite wide, no longer fits well in the hand. In addition, the smooth scraping edge is comparatively narrow, and with large panes countless strips have to be scraped.

Looks are not everything

With a particularly wide brass blade and the best scratching performance, our brand colleague Nigrin Silver made Soft brass attracts attention. Particularly with metal blades, however, you should ensure that the panes are clean because of possible marks in the glass. At around 6 euros, like the test winner from Kungs, it is in the middle of the price range. It does have to do without ice teeth, gloves and furrows to clean the wiper blades, but it comes with a rubber lip for hoarfrost and for removing water. Even if he lacks a lot, that doesn't detract from itScratch performance of the Nigrin product in the test.

But those who value warm fingers and all the other extras are better off with the Kungs Arctic IS and its water-repellent glove. Only the Yeti ice scraper was worse. As appealing as the optics of the 10 euro scratch is, the performance was just as bad. The glove is too short, the grip is slippery and the ice teeth are hidden under the polyester paw in an inaccessible manner. To make matters worse, it was the only one to break in the test.

This is how we tested

In Germany everything has a standard - at least we thought. There are still none for ice scrapers. In order to achieve comparable results, we put car windows at −7 ° C in a climate chamber at TÜV Süd and let them cool down for one night. The panes were then sprayed with a fine mist and frozen in the chamber for another hour.

You should pay attention to this when scraping ice

1. Preparation is everything. Clean the windows in the evening with the wiper system. Even the smallest dirt particles act like sandpaper when scratched and leave marks on the windshield.

2. Remove the ice from the wipers , otherwise you risk leaving marks in the windshield here too. Some ice scrapers have special notches to clean and de-ice the rubber lips.

3. Thick layers of ice are best tackled with ice teeth, i.e. the ridged edge. Then you should scrape with the smooth side from top to bottom without excessive pressure.

4. Defroster sprays and ice scrapers are unbeatable in combination and can also cope with stubborn layers of ice. The spray dissolves the ice, and the scratch does the rest. But if you only spray, you risk re-icing the window.

5. Those who don't have to scratch get the best result. For front and rear windows, there are cover films for ten euros. Against icy side windows, only the scratch helps.


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