12 McLaren P1 GTR in one place

12 McLaren P1 GTR in one place
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With the P 1 , McLaren has launched a super exclusive and 916 hp sports car. Only 375 were built and sold for more than a million euros. The engineers in Woking go one better with the P1 GTR. It collects another 84 HP more under the fairing, i.e. exactly 1,000 HP system output. With so much power, McLaren only lets the GTR loose on the world's racetracks. Approval for road use: Nothing.

Own workshop for the McLaren P1 GTR

The 1,000 hp racer is not only more powerful, but also more exclusive. Only 35 pieces are planned. On top, McLaren offers solvent buyers All-round feel-good package - called the McLaren GTR Driver Program.

Specifically: McLaren has set up a new workshop especially for the P1 GTR on the company hall in Woking - near the MSO finishing company and the GT racing team. There, the super sports cars are looked after, serviced, cared for, cherished and prepared for their race track use by selected technicians and engineers.

McLaren has now given a glimpse into the exclusive four walls. The British sports car manufacturer combines 12 examples of the P1 GTR in one picture. So a third of the total circulation. Each vehicle has an individual paintwork, which the customer could choose himself and which was accepted by Design Director Frank Stephenson.

In the McLaren GTR Driver Program, customers can feel like real racing drivers. You come to Woking to adjust the seat of the carbon shell. McLaren measures their bodies to tailor a suitable racing suit. The helmet is also designed individually. She prepares McLaren for the race track by driving in the simulator. And a fitness coach helps the drivers with the necessary physical conditions.

In our photo show we show you the four walls in which the P1 GTR is taken care of.


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