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12 cars in the EuroNCAP crash test: only one stayed below 5 stars

12 cars in the EuroNCAP crash test
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The test field for the EuroNCAP crash test is very broad. The Audi Q3, the BMW 1 Series, the Chevrolet Captiva, the Fiat Freemont, the Ford Ranger, the H yundai Veloster, the Mercedes ML-Class, the Opel Astra GTC, the Opel Zafra Tourer, the Lancia Thema, the Toyota Yaris and the Lancia Voyager.

Ford Ranger gets best pickup result

Particularly noteworthy is the five-star result for the Ford Ranger, which was the first pickup to ever achieve the top rating. The commercial vehicle developed in Australia was able to impress in all areas. The Ranger even delivers top results when it comes to pedestrian protection, which is particularly difficult for pickups. The last Ford Ranger was tested at EuroNCAP in 2008 and given two stars.

The small SUV Audi Q3 also got a clear five-star rating. The occupant protection is very high, even children travel extremely safely in the SUV from Ingolstadt. However, it is criticized that the passenger airbag that can be switched off is not part of the standard equipment. In terms of pedestrian protection, the Audi Q3 only achieved a mediocre result.

The crash test result for the BMW 1 Series also features five stars. The passenger airbag, which can only be switched off as an option, and its labeling are also criticized. Otherwise, children and adults can travel safely in little Bayer.

The Chevrolet Count Captiva. There was criticism for the unclear labeling of the status of the passenger airbag as well as the crash safety in pedestrian protection.

Freemont, Veloster and Thema get five stars

The occupant safety is also convincing in the Fiat Freemont. The testers only gave deductions for the passenger airbag that could not be switched off and the corresponding inadequate labeling. The Fiat Freemont was also able to score in the pedestrian protection criterion Despite a crash-active bonnet, only achieved a mediocre result.

The finished very close to the full number of pointsHyundai Veloster the EuroNCAP crash test with a smooth five-star rating. Occupant protection and child safety give no cause for criticism. When it comes to pedestrian protection, however, the testers see a need to catch up.

The Lancia Topic where the driver airbag did not fill up completely with air in the event of a frontal collision, thus increasing the risk of injury. Nevertheless, it was enough for the Italian-American for a five-star rating. The crash-active bonnet reduces the risk of injury to pedestrians, but the bonnet edge remains dangerous.

Lancia Voyager achieves only four-star rating

The Mercedes ML-Class also competed with a crash-active bonnet, which has a positive effect on the risk of injury in a pedestrian collision. However, the edge of the bonnet also harbors an increased risk of injury here. Occupants and children travel very safely in the Mercedes ML. In terms of occupant protection, the SUV was even very close to the full number of points. The bottom line was that the Mercedes earned a whopping five-star rating.

The Opel Astra GTC also achieved the top rating. High scores for both occupant and child safety contrasts with an only mediocre result for pedestrian protection. The Opel Zafira Tourer also received five stars. Here, too, occupant safety and child safety were rated as good, but there is also room for improvement in pedestrian protection.

The last five-star candidate in the EuroNCAP crash test is the Toyota Yaris. Good results in terms of occupant and child safety as well as decent pedestrian protection ensure the Japanese get the top rating.

The Lancia drove the only four-star rating https://topgear-autoguide.com/marken-modelle/lancia/voyager/'>Voyager a. In the event of a frontal collision, the driver and front passenger are threatened with an increased risk of injury to the legs and chest, which led to the devaluation. There was also criticism regarding child safety, where the restraint system is supported on a floor cover. This partially gave way. Fiat promises improvements here. Despite a crash-active bonnet, the Italian only achieved a mediocre result in terms of pedestrian protection.


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