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12 cars in the EuroNCAP crash test: 3 stars for Logan, 5 stars for Macan

12 cars in the EuroNCAP crash test
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EuroNCAP crash test premiere for Porsche. Never before had a model of the Zuffenhausen-based company presented itself here. And the Macan did a good job. The P orsche SUV a 5-star rating. The only criticism was the pedestrian protection for the too hard bonnet edge and the unyielding windshield frame.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport. The bottom line here is 5 stars, but here, too, the testers criticize the too hard bonnet edge. The testers also gave a 5-star rating to the third small SUV, the Lexus NX. In a side pole crash, however, the front airbag did not open quickly enough. Lexus then adjusted the trigger algorithm. In a subsequent test, the airbag then unfolded as desired. The new algorithm will flow into the series, but models that have already been delivered will not be retrofitted with it. Lexus sees no safety concerns in this. As with the competition, there was criticism in the pedestrian crash for the bonnet and the lower edge of the windshield. The only large SUV in the test was the Kia Sorento. The Korean gets 5 stars and catches the usual criticism of pedestrian protection.

Passat, Mondeo and Outback convince

In the family car segment, the new VW Passat and its direct competitor, the Ford Mondeo and the Subaru Outback hit the wall. All three achieved 5 stars, whereby the Mondeo and the Outback have a slightly increased risk of injury to the upper body in a side pole crash. Criticism of A-pillars and bonnet edges that are too hard applies to all three.

The smart duo Fortwo and Forfour as well as the Mini and the Opel Corsa competed in the superminis. None of the subjects came over a 4-star rating. Both Smart models showed an increased risk of injury to the upper body in a side pole crash. Daimler wants to improve here in mid-2015Touch up side /head airbag systems. When it comes to pedestrian protection, the steep nose offers little protection in the area of ​​the lower edge of the windshield and the front hood edge.

Criticism of the Mini and the Opel Corsa

The new Mini (three-door) had to take criticism and a devaluation for increased risk of injury in a side crash. In the child safety criterion, the testers also did not like the lack of a clear display as to whether the passenger airbag is active or not and the much too cumbersome installation of a child seat on the back seat. In the case of pedestrian protection, the A-pillars and the edge of the hood are also unpleasant on the Mini. The criticism of the revised Opel Corsa is directed against the increased risk of injury in a side and pole crash as well as the modest protection against cervical vertebrae injuries in a rear impact. When it comes to pedestrian protection, the Corsa was able to convince with a soft hood edge, but the A-pillars are too hard as with the competition.

Dacia Logan MCV almost fails

There was clear criticism for the Dacia Logan MCV. In a frontal crash, the cabin was on the verge of collapse. Parts of the dashboard and the pedals penetrated far into the interior and created an increased risk of injury for the driver. In the event of a side or pole crash, the airbags offered little protection, and the seat was moved so far that it was no longer possible to open the seat belt buckle. The dummy had to be cut out. The protective effect of the headrests in the event of a rear impact was also heavily criticized. In terms of child safety, too, the Logan had to take criticism for excessive exposure values. When it comes to safety equipment, the Romanian falls short of the standards and loses further points here.


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