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12 car seats in the test: who has the best seats?

Beate Jeske
12 car seats tested
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W what was tested? The front seats of four different cars from three different vehicle classes. In the small cars, the Mini John Cooper Works, Peugeot 208, Renault Clio and the Smart Fortwo Cabrio competed in the seat test. From the compact class, the seats from Ford B-Max, Opel Mokka, Toyota Auris and VW Golf were tested. From the luxury class, the Audi A6, BMW 6 Series, Lexus GS and the Mercedes E-Class had to face the test.

This is how the seat test was carried out

Together with the expert Georg Stingel from the In the “Healthy Back Campaign”, every seat was first examined for basic criteria such as sufficient size, backrest structure that is compatible with the spine, position of the headrest or the effectiveness of the lumbar support. Then all adjustment options were recorded according to a checklist and rated with points depending on their relevance for good sitting.

Which seating options are useful?

In many luxury vehicles, the equivalent of a good used car can easily be invested in the seats. But not all options are necessary for relaxed sitting. AGR expert Georg Stingel recommends choosing a seat with four-way lumbar support, height and angle adjustment and variable seat depth, if available. Non-slip fabric or Alcantara is preferable to smooth leather. Heating and ventilation, on the other hand, are mainly used for comfort, and a massage function is less effective than it appears, as the movements only have a superficial effect.

The detailed evaluation of the individual seats from the seat test as well as further information can be found in our large picture gallery.


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