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114 copies of the VW Golf: The crazy collection of a Viennese

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114 copies of the VW Golf
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S o a VW Golf is a mass phenomenon and man might think that with this circumstance he is a little bit fascinated. Well, if there is anyone who can silence the critical voices, it is Josef Juza from Vienna. Because his obsession for the classic from Wolfsburg actually comes from a similar corner. The first Golf models that the Austrian bought were purely rational decisions. But it finally happened at a classic car exhibition: he fell in love with a first-series model with drum brakes and dovetail rear apron - the first 'unnecessary Golf' and thus the starting signal for a collection that is second to none.

has 114 copies Juza gathered in the meantime. A number that he would only like to have taken as an intermediate result. “All I have to do is look on the Internet for a moment and I'll find another great copy that costs practically nothing,” says the collector. Transport is often more expensive than buying. If you want to put the Josef Juzas oversized garage under a motto, then you could say “A Golf for every occasion”. Whether for the race track, to live in, as a garbage truck or for the ultimate in luxury - a car like a black T-shirt. Actually always works.

Volkswagen AG
If you want to put Josef Juza's oversized garage under a motto, then you could say“ A Golf for every occasion ”.

G60, GTI and Eco-Golf

Volkswagen AG
The VW Golf as a snail shell with a piggyback cabin for the caddy loading area.

There are mainly specimens from the first three generations in the hall. Of course, classics such as the G60, but also a pre-series model with sliding door, an e-Golf from 1981, an Öko-Golf II with engine shut-off in freewheeling mode, various GTI models, motorhome bodies and the Golf ”with mileage that gives it its name. Unlike in an official museum, the exhibits here are not polished to a high gloss, but rather have remained in their very own patina. With 114 exhibits it is difficult to do otherwise without a team of mechanics. But it makes the collection honest and a real piece of contemporary automotive history.

At the moment the collection is not yet freely accessible, but the goal is clear: Josef Juza wants to become director of his own golf museum. The time has come in spring 2019 and the gates to the “golf pack” will be opened. Until then, you can have a look at the sometimes strange Golf models from this impressive collection in our picture gallery.


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