Yamaha Alive AD: Japanese save the hum-hum

Yamaha is developing a sound module for electric cars that imitates engine noise. You can even choose from combustion engines or from Star Wars. Support comes from the in-house musical instruments department.

Yamaha not only builds motorcycles, the Japanese also manufacture electric drive components and musical instruments. The latter two company divisions have now joined forces and are developing a sound module that is intended to provide the appropriate motoric accompanying music in electric cars.,

Under the name Alive AD - AD stands for Acoustic Design - a control unit is being created with an integrated audio processor that Modulate the sound of the electric motor and transmit it into the vehicle cabin via special loudspeakers. The variance of the sound design ranges from the combustion engine to a high-frequency electro singsong. If you want, you can also give your car a Star Wars sound.

Either way, a lifelike soundscape should be created that accompanies the ride and supports the driving experience. A dynamic structure takes into account the route driven, the speed driven and the driving maneuvers carried out. The Yamaha Alive AD sound module is to be offered freely on the market. The Japanese assume that electric sports cars will initially enjoy the artificial sound. In the video you can hear how the Japanese imagine the sound.

Other manufacturers are already working on soundscapes for electric cars. BMW, for example, has secured the services of film composer Hans Zimmer to offer the passengers of its electric models a suitable sound.,


Due to the system, electric cars are actually quiet on the road. However, so that the passengers do not have to do without the usual engine sound, Yamaha has developed a sound module that provides a soundscape as desired.


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