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M Ehr ten years after Daimler started with the Car2Go carsharing, Volkswagen has now started its own free-floating carsharing called We Share and part of the Volkswagen We project In addition to car sharing, We also includes services such as We Park, which is supposed to make it easier to find and pay for parking spaces, and We Charge, which can be used to find and pay for charging stations for electric vehicles and in Berlin with a fleet of 1,500 eGolfen, which is to be expanded by 500 e-Ups to 2,000 vehicles by the end of the year. After the market launch in 2020, VW ID3 models will be added. We Share is then planned in cooperation with Skoda in Prague, followed by the start in Hamburg and other large cities. Later the Wolfsburg want to target the metropolitan areas of North America. Until then, the service must first start in Europe, a spokesman told auto motor und sport.

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There are currently fewer than 300 public charging stations in Berlin.

It starts at 19 cents

In Berlin this includes Business area 150 square kilometers and extends from the city center beyond the S-Bahn ring. At market launch, customers can benefit from a tariff of 19 cents per minute and the elimination of the one-time registration fee and the airport fee. Starting in September, tariffs in three categories at an average per minute price of 29 cents are offered. Requirements for use are possession of a smartphone and a credit card, a minimum age of 21 years, possession of a valid driver's license for at least one year and a registration address in Germany.

Furthermore, VW has the black group to dene n On the other hand, customers charge the car themselves on so-called hubs, which are located in the parking lots of hardware stores, supermarkets or in multi-storey car parks and Volkswagen employees bring the vehicles over to the store at night in order to distribute them the next morning.


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