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VW ID.Charger: The new Volks-Wallbox for less than 400 euros

Volks-Wallbox VW ID.Charger
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O kay, what does 'nice gesture' mean? It is a wallbox for AC charging with a type 2 plug. Since this type has been agreed as the standard version in Europe, it goes without saying that any electric car can be attached. With a view to the Tesla Supercharger, this is not a matter of course, but for a manufacturer with the name VOLKSwagen anything else would be extremely inappropriate.

The ID.Charger is primarily known as ' Wallbox for everyone '. The VW subsidiary 'Elli' is responsible for sales and service. A comparable model from Mercedes, for example, is already more than 800 euros. Well, up to 22 kW can be charged there, but this is not an unconditional recommendation. With an 11 kW wallbox, no special permits are required from the local electricity network operator, and the purchase price is, as just mentioned, lower.

Software problems with the ID.Charger

But also at VW, more money can be transferred. If you choose ID.Charger Connect or Pro, you have to invest 599 or 849 euros. There is an extended range of functions for this. The Connect model can be connected to the home network and the smartphone via WLAN. This makes regular software updates possible, and the box can be controlled and remotely diagnosed using a smartphone. A current software error in some ID chargers shows that the extra investment can make sense. Several hundred wallboxes are therefore unable to initiate the charging process. 'In the case of the networked copies, the error was simply solved by an' Over The Air 'update,' explains Elli spokesman Martin Höfelmann when asked by auto-motor-und-sport.de. If the basic version is installed, a technician has to come to carry out the update manually. They are already in contact with all affected customers, Höfelmann continues.

The wallbox top version 'Pro' also has an integrated electricity meter for billing that is accurate to the kilowatt-hour. Useful for customers who use an electric car as a company car. This makes exact billing with the employer possible. An LTE module is also integrated, the data tariff for which is included in the price for the duration of the wallbox use. If you want to top it all off, you can book your own green electricity tariff at VW. Oh yes, the installation of the wallbox too, of course.


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