VW Golf VIII gets 48V mild hybrid system

VW Golf VIII gets 48V system
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A ot the engine symposium in Vienna on Thursday, VW allowed a closer look at the future petrol engine family for the eighth generation of the VW Golf. The TSI motors of the EA211 evo series are to be equipped step by step with mild hybrid technology. It starts with the 1.0 and 1.5 liter units.

The components of the mild hybrid system: starter generator, 48V lithium-ion battery and DC /DC converter from 48 to 12 volts

This 'slimmed-down' hybrid technology is being used in more and more motors from various manufacturers because it has significant savings potential at moderate additional costs. The heart of the system is the belt starter generator (RSG), which replaces the usual alternator and, in part, the starter. The RSG can both start the engine (while driving) and generate energy in overrun and braking modes. In addition, it can provide the combustion engine with additional thrust via the belt drive in order to enable better acceleration with less fuel consumption.


The heart of the starter generator

A 48-volt sub-network is required for using the RSG, because this is still the case in carsThe usual 12-volt electrical system is not powerful enough. The RSG receives a 48V lithium-ion battery as an energy storage device, which also supplies the rest of the 12V on-board network via a voltage converter. The mild hybrid technology allows some innovations compared to previous combustion engines. In so-called FMA mode (freewheeling, engine off), for example, the engine switches off as soon as the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal. Then the car rolls without consuming any fuel. If the driver presses the accelerator again, the combustion engine starts again immediately. Due to the system, this is much more convenient than with a normal starter. This is only required when starting the engine from a standstill.


In order to use the FMA operation as often and efficiently as possible, a predictive assistance function takes into account navigation data such as speed limits or curves, among other things, in order to reach points on the route at the optimal speed and thus maximize the kinetic energy of the vehicle use.

VW has not yet given more precise performance data for the new mild hybrid engines in the VW Golf VIII.


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