VW enters the e-scooter business with the Cityskater

VW enters the e-scooter business
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The three-wheeled Cityskater is already in series production and bears the slogan “We Share”. That’s clear: VW wants to get into the e-scooter rental business. VW did not yet want to confirm to the Handelsblatt whether the service provider who is currently marking the e-scooters will also be the partner for the rental system. It is the turn of specific micro-mobility projects, 'but there is currently no decision,' says the automotive company.

The VW Cityskater e-scooter is ready to drive 1.17 meters high, folded it is only 33 centimeters. Weight: 15 kilos.

The VW Cityskater was developed for the 'first /last mile', for example from home to the S-Bahn -Stop or from the parking garage to the shopping street. The VW e-scooter provides a maximum of 350 watts of power and, according to the manufacturer, weighs 15 kilograms, the range should be around 15 kilometers. It is collapsible, with the handlebar acting as a handle when folded. When ready to drive, the VW e-scooter measures 850 millimeters in length and 1,170 millimeters in height, when folded it is only 330 millimeters high.

The Cityskater moves forward with the electrically powered rear wheel. Two running boards form the standing area - one for each foot. If the driver tilts the handlebar forwards, the e-scooter accelerates, if he pulls it backwards, it brakes. You steer by shifting your weight.

The three-wheeled VW scooter should reach a top speed of 20 km /h. According to the manufacturer, the 200-watt lithium-ion battery is charged to 50 percent in one hour at a conventional socket, which corresponds to a range of 7.5 kilometers.


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