Volvo at AutoMobility LA as part of the LA Auto Show

AutoMobility LA 2018
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V olvo has been a rarity at auto shows in recent years. The Swedes will be at the L.A. Auto Show. But only as an aside: in the run-up to the public exhibition, AutoMobility L.A., a conference about the future of mobility, will take place at the same location. And because that is the case, Volvo does not pull a cloth from any new model, but delivers an unusual message: 'This is not a car'.

In addition, Volvo is presenting Interactive demonstrations of new services and mobile concepts that the company implements together with partners such as Amazon, Google, Nvidia and various start-ups. These include deliveries of goods to the vehicle (in-car delivery), private car sharing, the vision for autonomous driving presented with the Volvo 360c concept and the Care by Volvo subscription service. 'We want to start a discussion about the future of automobility,' says Mårten Levenstam, who is responsible for product strategy at Volvo. “So instead of showing a concept car, we'd rather talk about the concept car.”


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