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Valeo XtraVue Trailer: When the trailer becomes invisible

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W if he has a large trailer behind the car, he always has to deal with a restricted one Respect. Auto supplier Valeo now has a solution to this problem. The Valeo XtraVue trailer system was presented at the CES in Las Vegas.

Camera sends image in cockpit

The approach to this is actually simple. Valeo places a camera at the rear of the towing vehicle and at the rear of the trailer that looks backwards. The images from both cameras are sent to a screen in the cockpit, where they are superimposed to form one image. This gives the driver a kind of view through the trailer - quite helpful when driving in any direction.

The developers left it open whether and when the XtraVue trailer system will be launched. Also whether it is to be offered as a retrofit solution or only as an original equipment. Accordingly, no prices were given.


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