Usain Bolt introduces the Nano mini electric car

Bolt Nano electric car
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H high-performance athlete After their active career, if they were successful, they usually have a lot of money in addition to time. One or the other sometimes puts this into automotive projects. Not only if you are “professional” like Nico Rosberg and not always successful in the long term. One may remember Boris Becker's foray into the world of car dealers.

The Jamaican Usain Bolt is considered one of the greatest athletics stars in history. At 100 and 200 meter distances there is nothing that he has not won. His mobility company also deals with short distances. Electric scooters are already being offered. However, due to a trademark dispute, they may not be marketed under the name Bolt, according to various media reports.

Bolt Mobility has now presented the Bolt Nano at the Vivatech conference. It is an electrically powered, small two-seater in the format of a Renault Twizy or the Seat Minimó shown as a study. Like the latter, the Bolt Nano also relies on replaceable batteries, according to the company.

The Bolt Nano costs $ 9,999

The Nano was designed for trips up to 25 kilometers in length, so it could be used in Swarming carsharing fleets. From the end of 2020, Bolt Mobility plans to start series production of the Nano, which will cost $ 9,999. Reservations should be possible with a deposit of 999 US dollars.

Mobility service providers who use the Bolt Nano should pay a share of the turnover to the manufacturer. The company, which was founded in 2018 and is based in the US state of Florida, already has an idea for billing: On the home market, you should be able to rent the Nano in car sharing for rates that are billed every five minutes The prototype of the Bolt Nano presented does not yet allow a view of the interior, and technical data are not known either. Where the electric two-seater will be built has not yet been announced.


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