UK car market 2019: Top ten new registrations

UK car market 2019
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M it was a total of 2,311,140 new registrations, the statistics slipped into the third year Follow off. Compared to the previous year with 2,367,147 a decrease of 2.4 percent. In 2017 the British still bought 2,540,617 cars.

E-car share low

The decline in diesel vehicles was particularly dramatic. This fell by a whopping 21.8 percent from over 746,000 cars to 583,488 models. In 2017, new diesel registrations were still over a million cars.

At the same time, the share of gasoline-powered vehicles rose by 2.2 percent in 2019 to 1,498,640 vehicles. The statistics for alternative drives increased significantly. Although 17.8 percent fewer models were registered for the first time in 2019 with 34,743 plug-in hybrids, the quota of purely electric cars rose by 144 percent to 37,850 vehicles. The hybrid models were also able to increase by 17.1 percent to 97,850 new registrations. Mild hybrids in combination with diesel engines increased by 740.5 percent to 32,217 units, the gasoline MHEV by 172.1 percent to 26,361 vehicles.

Ford Fiesta most popular car in 2019

The diesel's market share fell from 31.5 percent to 25.2 percent, while the gasoline share rose from 61.9 to 64.8 percent. The most popular models in Great Britain in 2019 included the Ford Fiesta with 77,833 new registrations, followed by the VW Golf with 58,994 new registrations and the Ford Focus, which has 56,619 new registrations. The Opel Corsa, still in third place in 2018, only made it to fourth place in the reporting month. In addition to the two Ford models placed on the podium, the Kuga also made it into the top 10 as the third Ford in 2019.

Autoland Great Britain

Autoland Great Britain is the second largest market in Europe. In one day in the British auto industry ...

  • ... components for 39.4 million euros are 'just-in-time' delivered from the EU.
  • ... 1,100 trucks from the EU reach British car and engine plants
  • ... are 6,400 cars produces
  • ... 10,500 engines roll off the assembly line
  • ... 4,750 engines are transported to British plants
  • ... 1,300 cars go to British dealers
  • ... 5,100 cars are exported worldwide
  • ... 5,750 motors are exported worldwide

The European neighbors are one of the largest export destinationsa rate of 52.57 percent. Only behind are the USA with 17.87 percent and China with an export quota of 6.12 percent.


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