Toyota: Hydrogen in 5-kilo canisters

Toyota has developed a prototype of a portable hydrogen cartridge. This should not only supply cars with energy in places where there are no petrol stations nearby.

Not only the French start-up NamX is countering the holey infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations with the idea of ​​portable cartridges. Toyota, with the Mirai one of the pioneers in the series production of fuel cell vehicles, has also developed a corresponding prototype.

The 40 centimeter high cylinder has a diameter of 18 centimeters. The weight of the canister is said to be five kilograms. The Japanese are not yet revealing the amount of hydrogen it will contain. A large part of the weight is probably due to the casing of the cylinder, which has to be very tight.

Use not only in cars

A standardized hydrogen cartridge can not only supply electric cars with fuel cell technology with energy when there is no hydrogen filling station nearby. The areas of application also go beyond the car, for example for the energy supply of stationary fuel cells in households.

In earthquake-plagued Japan, hydrogen power generation also plays a role in disaster areas. Toyota wants to present the prototype of the hydrogen cartridge for the first time at the 24-hour race in Fuji.


A portable hydrogen canister is intended to simplify the energy supply for fuel cells. After the start-up NamX, Toyota is also presenting a prototype of a canister for the gas stored at high pressure.


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