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Toyota: Battery replacement system for commercial vehicles

Toyota is working with partners to standardize replaceable and rechargeable battery cartridges for commercial vehicles.

The Japanese courier company Yamato Transport and the Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT), which also includes the carmaker Toyota, are working together to standardize interchangeable and rechargeable battery cartridges for commercial electric vehicles.,

Faster and cheaper

Especially with battery-electric commercial vehicles, long downtimes for recharging the energy storage are a real disadvantage compared to conventionally powered vans. A battery replacement system could be the solution here. If that were also standardized, the entire industry could benefit from short changeover times.,

With a corresponding standard, the acquisition costs of battery-powered vehicles would also be reduced, since one and the same battery can be used in different vehicles as required. The installation effort for the charging infrastructure is also minimized. In addition, the batteries kept in the exchange stations can be charged in such a way that there is always a constant power requirement - this prevents overloading at power peak times.,

First commercial vehicles as early as 2023

To this end, CJPT wants to promote the development of electric commercial vehicles with replaceable batteries. The standardization of the battery cassettes and charging systems aims to reduce costs and promote the widespread use of the technology. The logistics company Yamato Transport is working on a green ecosystem for delivery traffic that also includes its transport and delivery partners. A system for using electricity that includes the use of replaceable battery cassettes is to be developed together with the local communities. Among other things, the company is examining ways in which the new battery cassettes could, for example, ensure the power supply in disaster areas.,

Both companies are open to working with new partners. As a result, the standardization and commercialization of the battery cassettes can be advanced in order to make a further contribution on the way to a CO₂-neutral society. Toyota, Suzuki and Daihatsu had already announced in June 2022 that they would develop small electric vans for the Japanese market together with CJPT by 2023. The electric commercial vehicles will then initially be used in Fukushima Prefecture and in Tokyo.,


Together with partners, Toyota wants to develop a battery standard for a battery replacement system in the commercial vehicle segment. Above all, this should significantly reduce the downtime of commercial vehicles, but also lower costs.


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