TomTom IndiGO: platform for car cockpits

As a supplier to the automotive industry, TomTom also wants to offer a new cockpit platform with IndiGO.

The Dutch company TomTom, best known for its navigation systems and map services, is developing a flexible, digital platform for car cockpits called TomTom IndiGO. It should be able to seamlessly connect vehicle functions, user interfaces and apps.

By using this unit as a supplied product, car manufacturers, whether large corporations or small start-ups, could save a lot of money that would otherwise be invested in the development of infotainment systems and dashboards.

Brand-specific surfaces

The surfaces and menus should also be able to be designed brand-specifically with IndiGO. TomTom follows the example set by Google with the Android Automotive operating system. This software runs, for example, in the Polestar and some Volvo models. The graphics and structures correspond to the well-known brand image.


TomTom wants to deliver more than just navigation maps in the future. The company is developing its own cockpit platform called IndiGO.


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