The or the crate engine? Vote!

We love crate engines. And we can see from the call numbers that you feel the same way. Luckily for all of us, what is still missing: the appropriate definite article. You can now have a say in that!

How do you actually write ...? For this standard question, there is of course the Duden not only in well-stocked editorial offices - supplemented by internal guidelines, some of which have developed over many years. Nevertheless, there is a fight. About spellings. formulations. neologisms. All no drama. language changes.

The last discussion about language at is only a few days old. Trigger: a Porsche electrified by the Crate Engine. Its retrofittable drive is traditionally sent in a box. And because converting from one engine to another has always been a huge topic, especially in English-speaking countries, the retrofit engines out of the box are called crate engines. crate engines. Which brings us to the core of the problem. Translating Anglicisms correctly is not always as trivial as it first appears. Especially when the grammatical gender changes during the translation. Specifically: Does it say the crate engine (from the "engine" translated as motor )? Or is it the crate engine (from the "engine" translated as machine )?.

Within the editorial team there are fans for both approaches. And the Duden dictionary isn't really any help either, because theoretically both are possible. So a decision has to be made. And the users of should be happy to participate in this case. The spelling with the greatest user popularity will be implemented in Crate Engine articles in the future!


Language changes. Also at And in this case we would like to invite our users to accompany this tiny change process. Vote: the or the crate engine?


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