The advantages of electric cars at a glance

Although electric cars are still very expensive, a purchase in 2023 can still be worthwhile because there are many financial advantages for e-drivers. An overview.

In all debates about the energy and mobility transition, industry, politics and even environmental organizations agree on one topic: Electromobility must grow because it can reduce dependence on fossil raw materials and their exporting countries. In order to achieve this goal, the switch to e-cars in Germany will also be strongly promoted in 2023.

So e-drivers enjoy some advantages, not only through financial support for the purchase. We have summarized the most important ones here. In the end, there are even many technical reasons that clearly speak in favor of the e-car for certain driving profiles.

Environmental bonus, but reduced

The best-known financial injection for the purchase of an electric car is the so-called environmental bonus. However, it has reduced significantly at the turn of the year. Since January 1, 2023, the subsidy from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has been 4,500 euros if the car is not more expensive than 40,000 euros (net list price). In addition, manufacturers are obliged to give a discount of a further 2,250 euros.

In total, you save 6,750 euros. By the end of 2022 it was 9,000 euros. Anyone who has ordered their car for a long time but will not be registered until 2023 will have to be satisfied with the new set. The environmental bonus is reduced for cars that cost between 40,000 and 65,000 euros (net list price). The total discount here is 4,500 euros.

Vehicle tax exemption

If you are thinking about buying an electric car, you should also take into account the tax advantage. Because until December 31, 2030, every new electric car is exempt from vehicle tax. Depending on the vehicle class and especially in comparison to diesel models, this financial advantage quickly adds up to a four-digit sum over the years.

Attention used car buyers: The vehicle tax exemption is valid for a maximum of ten years. For electric cars that were first registered before 2020, the tax benefit will be passed on to the new owner. However, it ends before 2030 depending on the vehicle age.

, In our photo show we show you all the electric cars that will come onto the market in 2023.

GHG quota

Because electric cars do not emit any exhaust gases - at least not directly - their owners can have the CO₂ savings certified. They can then resell this certificate every year to companies that have to adhere to the so-called greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota for short). First and foremost are the mineral oil companies.

Although the value of such a certificate fluctuates constantly, it will still be a few hundred euros in 2023 . Professional intermediaries such as the ADAC have long been active in emissions trading.Here you can apply for the GHG quota and, with a lot of patience, you will get your money paid out after a few months.

0.25 percent rule

Drivers of company cars who use the car privately enjoy a monetary advantage. This must be taxed in Germany, which can usually be done with a flat rate of one percent of the gross list price. However, if the company car is an electric car, only a quarter of a percent is estimated.

For a 40,000 euro company car, that would only be 100 euros a month instead of 400 euros for a conventionally powered car. This tax concession has been in effect since the beginning of 2019 and will definitely continue until the end of 2030.

Insurance cheaper

Even if there are no official regulations like the vehicle tax, insurance rates for electric cars can be significantly cheaper than for conventionally powered vehicles. The comparison portal check24 has examined the tariffs more closely for this purpose.

For this purpose, 29 electric models and comparable combustion engines were examined. In 17 cases, the electric car was significantly cheaper to insure. In the best case, the price advantage was 42 percent. When it comes to fixed maintenance costs, electric cars have a clear advantage over combustion engines.

Charge for free

Whether in front of the supermarket, the restaurant or in the hotel - an electric car can theoretically be charged anywhere. And so far, many companies have often been very generous to their customers, providing free electricity quantities or even offering free charging in front of the shop.

Only the recent increase in electricity prices led to an increasing shortage of the free offer. But some big companies like Ikea still give you free electricity. Electric car drivers are quickly developing a flexible approach to charging anyway. Because sockets are everywhere.

Free parking

Especially in large metropolitan areas, electric cars should improve the air and quality of life in the future. In addition to more and more charging options, there is also a growing number of free parking spaces during charging breaks. So while only the electricity meter is running, standing cars in the neighboring parking lot are often billed at several euros per hour.

The Electromobility Act laid the legal basis for this back in 2015. In theory, many more benefits would be possible through the law. But at the municipal level, the special rights for cars with e-plates are being implemented rather hesitantly. However, free parking at charging stations is widespread in inner cities.

Use of bus lanes

It is not uncommon for the use of special lanes to be permitted. As a rule, these wide and mostly free lanes are labeled with the word "BUS". In the rush hour, electric car drivers can drive past traffic jams and save themselves several stressful minutes of waiting.

In some cities like Dortmund there are even so-called environmental lanes that can only be used by cyclists, electric cars and buses. And here the police regularly check whether they are actually only used by e-cars.

Technical advantages

The biggest advantage of an electric motor compared to a combustion engine is its efficiency. This topic alone would fill pages. Much more important in everyday traffic, however, is the possibility of recuperation. Electric cars can therefore brake with the motor and recover energy for the battery. In the constant stop-and-go of city traffic, this not only delivers a better energy balance, but also more comfortable driving characteristics.

Some models even decelerate gently to a standstill and can only be moved with the accelerator pedal (One-Pedal-Drive). After a short period of getting used to it, there is hardly a more pleasant driving style in dense city traffic. This is because the brake pedal hardly needs to be pressed, if at all. Less brake wear can therefore also be credited to electric cars.


Even in 2023 there are still many advantages that speak in favor of buying an electric car. The main focus here is on financial incentives. But even in everyday traffic there are some special rights for E-plates and even technical advantages of the Stromer.


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