Tesla pool in Hilden: charging can be so beautiful

Tesla is enriching the recently awarded Hilden charging location with a pool. Access only for shoppers!

The problem with electric vehicles is the very long charging times compared to conventional refueling. Problem? nope! In Hilden, electric car drivers can sweeten the charging times by "jumping" into the cool water until August 28th. The Baywatch team, which always consists of two people, ensures that there are no jumps into the container pool set up by the electric car manufacturer -Kreuz Hilden near Düsseldorf "Pack your bikini and swimming trunks in your hand luggage! Tesla has the towels ready," as operator Roland Schüren aptly announced on Twitter. By the way, the thing with the towels is not just said there. Tesla is said to have commissioned a laundry service that constantly provides fresh towels by the pool.

Most beautiful charging station in Germany

It is no coincidence that the marketing team under Elon Musk chose Hilden of all places. The Seed & Greet Hilden by Roland Schüren was awarded the 2022 Loading Port Award just a few days ago as the "most beautiful charging station" and above all "for the currently most passionate "Quality Time" and sustainability-oriented charging infrastructure project in Germany". Electric car drivers can currently choose between 40 superchargers from Tesla, 6 Fastned charging points and 44 slower chargers. And yes, non-Tesla drivers can use the superchargers too. Hilden is one of the first locations where this is possible.,

What is not possible, however, is the use of the pool if the swimmer cannot prove via the Tesla app that they are just charging their vehicle on a supercharger. In general, the pool conditions should definitely be checked before visiting Hilden. It says that it can only be used from Thursday to Sunday between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. At the same time, maximum bathing pleasure in the pool, which measures around 8 by 2.5 meters, applies to four people at the same time and a duration of ten minutes.,

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult and small children and babies must wear "appropriate swimwear". carry. The pool has a professional filter and heating system, but such a filter cannot do everything. So that the little and of course the big pool visitors don't just have to bob around, there are even water balls with the right branding available.,


In August, Tesla will cool you down while charging at the Kreuz Hilden charging point. A container pool set up with a two-person Baywatch team is intended to sweeten the loading time for those who load it.


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