Tesla Giga Berlin can hardly find any employees

In view of the great demand for electric cars, Tesla should actually increase the output of its Gigafactory Grünheide. But the Americans will hardly be able to find employees for the location

For Tesla it will probably be more and more difficult to find new employees for the Gigafactory Grünheide in the Berlin/Brandenburg region. That said the Frankfurt/Oder employment agency of the German Press Agency. Around 10,000 people currently work at the site. For the originally planned first production phase of 500,000 cars in 2023, it should already be 12,000.

Tesla is currently primarily looking for machine and system operators, electricians, maintenance workers, foremen and shift supervisors. According to the local team of employment agencies, they have already placed 1,400 employees - around half of whom were previously long-term unemployed. Reports have been mounting for months that Tesla is unable to retain many employees due to poor working conditions.

The waiting time for a new Tesla Model Y is currently around two to six months. In order to meet the great demand for Tesla models from Europe, the production capacities at the Grünheide plant would have to be increased significantly. At least that's what Brandenburg's Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach said at a meeting with the local IG Metall, which was also attended by other politicians. But the company is already the largest industrial employer and training company in the state of Brandenburg.

Not all Model Y from Germany

In the Gigafactory Berlin/Brandenburg only Model Y Tesla models have been built so far. Production has been ramped up continuously but slowly since the factory opened. Around 5,000 cars are currently leaving the plant on the outskirts of Berlin. The Model Y was briefly (September 2022) the best-selling car in Germany. And it's not just popular in this country.

However, not all Model Ys delivered here in Europe come from German production. Many cars were still imported from China in 2022 (Giga Shanghai). This also applies to the other models in the range. Tesla is already creating a lot of space for a plant expansion in Grünheide. The Americans had just lowered the prices for their models. In Germany, the cheapest Model Y currently costs 44,890 euros.


In view of the growing demand for electric cars, Tesla has to significantly increase production capacity at the Grünheide plant. At least that's what Brandenburg's Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach demands. But Tesla is finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient staff and skilled workers. That said the Frankfurt/Oder employment agency of the German Press Agency.


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