Tesla accident with robot: staged PR stunt for CES?

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L as Vegas, at seven in the morning. It's still dark, a robot is standing by the roadside. An employee parked it there, the company Promobot said, according to T-Online. A roadside camera films the scene. A white Tesla Model S approaches from the left, apparently hits the robot and falls over. Promobot later tweeted, “Look, Elon Musk, a Tesla Model S hits and kills an innocent robot in Las Vegas. Your car drove on autopilot. ”According to T-Online, the driver of the Tesla stopped at the next corner, walked back and apologized to the company's employees. The driver turned on the autopilot function and was distracted for a while. While the car was only slightly damaged, the robot lost an arm in the accident. The model is a kind of greetings, who can recognize facial expressions of people and bring in human employees, the report continues.

At the same time, versions are circulating on the Internet that the accident could have been a staged PR stunt. Allegedly a rope can be seen in the bushes on the left edge of the picture, with which the robot was knocked over.

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