Technology upgrade for EQ models: DCU and heat pump

Mercedes is giving EQE and EQS two technology upgrades each. The Disconnect Unit (DCU) and a heat pump should increase the range.

With the EQE SUV , Mercedes is introducing two technical features that will also be installed in the sedans EQE and EQS in the future, as well as the EQS SUV . Both contribute to the range and one of them is overdue – namely a heat pump. Electric vehicle enthusiasts appreciate this extra across all brands. ,

Use waste heat, decouple the front axle

A heat pump uses the waste heat from the high-voltage battery to heat the cabin and therefore requires significantly less energy for this process. This brings more range, especially on cold days, even if the savings cannot be quantified in WLTP kilometers according to the manufacturer. In addition, a heat pump can pre-temper the battery in good time during a charging stop planned via navigation system in order to reduce the charging time. ,

The other upgrade that Mercedes is giving its EQ models is the Disconnect Unit (DCU). The automatic disconnect system completely decouples the front axle when the load is low, thus preventing drag losses caused by the idle engine. Of course, this only applies to 4Matic models with standard all-wheel drive. This should give the two sedans EQE and EQS an additional range of around 30 kilometers in operation. You can see how entertaining distance kilometers can be in our photo show of the EQE 53 AMG at the top of the article.



For self-proclaimed (and high-priced) technology beacons such as the EQ models from Mercedes, the use of standard heat pumps is overdue. In the future, all EVA II models will receive this upgrade ex works. The Disconnect Unit (DCU) introduced with the EQE SUV is also used to disconnect the front axle in 4Matic models. This reduces drag losses when the load is low and ensures an extra range of up to 30 kilometers.


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