SyltRIDE: Mobility offer for Sylt

On the North Sea island of Sylt, the ride pooling service SyltRIDE is launched as an additional service to local public transport. Mercedes electric vans are used.

New mobility concepts are not only starting in hip inner-city locations. With SyltRIDE, the Sylter Verkehrsgesellschaft is now launching a ride pooling offer on the North Sea island.

Comparable to the Moia (Hamburg, Hanover) service initiated by Volkswagen, passengers can book a ride via an app. Boarding and alighting take place at virtual stops. 1,000 of these stops currently exist. An island-wide operation is planned, with which SyltRIDE is intended to support the regular public transport offering with 55 buses. After the request via the app, you should have to wait a maximum of 20 minutes for a ride, and the distance to the stop should not be more than 200 meters.

SyltRIDE relies on electric vans from Mercedes

The Sylter Verkehrsgesellschaft is currently working on a new app called SyltGO!. Then it should be possible to seamlessly link ride pooling and tickets for local public transport. The SyltRIDE app is still an independent offer.

At the start, three electrically powered Mercedes EQVs will be used, each with six seats. There is a driver on board, so up to five passengers can always be transported. The software for controlling the service comes from the company door2door, which has implemented on-call bus concepts with several German municipalities.


With SyltRIDE, a new mobility offer is starting on the North Sea island of Sylt. The opportunity to ride in electric Mercedes vans should be an alternative to owning a car for holidaymakers and locals.


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