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Skoda Scala and Kamiq G-Tec (2020) with natural gas drive

Skoda Scala and Kamiq G-Tec (2020)
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For the VW Group, electric motors are the drive of the future - and natural gas is the fuel of the present in the group of companies . Across all brands, more and more CNG models (CNG stands for “Compressed Natural Gas”; the main component is methane) complement the range: Whether Audi, Seat, S koda or the Volkswagen brand: each of the volume brands currently has natural gas cars in theirs Portfolio. At Skoda, there are now two more: the Scala and Kamiq G-Tec.

About 120 liters of luggage space loss

In the bow there is the well-known one-liter three-cylinder turbo in a 90 PS as well maximum 160 Newton meter strong and bivalent design. Scala and Kamiq G-Tec get along well not only natural gas, but also petrol, and automatically switch to super fuel if the CNG supply is exhausted. The engines are linked to manual six-speed gearboxes and meet the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. The Skoda Scala G-Tec accelerates from zero to one hundred in 12.4 seconds and drives a maximum of 182 km /h. The values ​​of the Kamiq counterpart: 12.5 seconds and 176 km /h.

Achim Hartmann
Skoda will also be offering the Kamiq in the natural gas version with the nickname G-Tec.

Both cars have four tanks. Three of them hold up to 13.8 kilograms of natural gas, the fourth holds a maximum of nine liters of gasoline. The Czechs give the natural gas range for both the Scala and the Kamiq as 410 kilometers. If the driver also uses up the gasoline reservoir completely, the natural gas Skodas come up to 630Miles away. Because two of the connected CNG steel containers are located under the trunk floor, however, the luggage volume shrinks: With the Scala from 467 to 339 liters or from 1,410 to 1,282 liters when fully loaded. The values ​​of the Kamiq: 278 instead of 400 or 1,273 instead of 1,395 liters. The third natural gas tank is located under the rear seats.

Fewer equipment lines

With the conventionally powered variants, the G-Tec Skodas have the equipment lines Ambition and Style in common. The Czechs are also offering the natural gas Scala as a special anniversary model, Drive 125. Prices start at 21,950 euros for the small station wagon and at 22,500 euros for the compact SUV.


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