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Sixt Share: Artificial intelligence calculates price per minute

Artificial intelligence calculates price per minute
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D Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) behind the price system, Sixt Share customers are always on the move at the cheapest price, according to the company's press release on the newly launched car-sharing service. The question arises: cheapest price in relation to what? To buy a new car? The moon landing? On a shopping tour with an oligarch daughter? In fact, what is meant is the relation to duration, because Sixt Share basically merges car rental and car sharing into one service. Means: There is a daily and a minute price. If the price per minute exceeds the current daily price in the driven period, the AI ​​will charge the customer the lower price.

Increased price in front of the designer shop

The word 'current' is important in the previous sentence “- because pricing at Sixt Share is based on a number of factors in real time. 'Anyone who walks out of a Chanel store on Maximilianstrasse will probably get a higher price than someone who comes from an outlet store,' said Chief Strategy Officer Alexander Sixt to the world. But what if I only cleaned the windows in the said Chanel store and wasn't there to go shopping, we ask ourselves. And anyway: is it allowed to a car sharing provider to do social profiling? Incidentally, it could also be more expensive for iPhone users than for someone who calls up the Sixt app on an Android device, the world continues to write. Sounds a bit outrageous and in times of the General Data Protection Regulation it might also be worth looking at with a particularly keen eye.

When asked, Julia Hoffstaedter from the Sixt Corporate Communications department explains: 'The prices may vary depending on the temporal and local demand vary - regardless of whether price management is carried out manually or with the help of artificial intelligence. Personal data, such as the operating system of a smartphone, do not play a role in the current price determination. ”

Sixt /ams
You can return the cars from the car sharing service at the Sixt offices. Or you can simply park the car somewhere in the business area.

Now that Sixt has only offered the sharing service in Berlin and Hamburg, it should Munich will be the third city to follow in the first half of 2019. The partnership with BMW DriveNow ended after it merged with Daimler. What sets Sixt Share apart from the competition is the fact that there is no limited business area. So you can also rent a car in Berlin and then return it in Munich. Or at every Sixt branch that is somewhere in between on the way, or you can park the car somewhere in the city where you rented it. With the Sixt Share offer, the company wants to use the vehicle fleet more efficiently by making rental cars available for shorter periods of time.


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