Semcon ATC system

Semcon ATC system
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D the Swedish company Semcon is questioning the well-known ball head trailer coupling. Why does it have to be so complicated to hitch a trailer? Why do you still have to manually couple the trailer? With the Automatic Trailer Connection System (ATC), Semcon itself now offers the alternative. The ATC system couples the car and trailer together completely automatically and completely autonomously. The ATC system was developed by an all-female team.

Instead of a trailer hitch, the vehicle has a connection point on the bumper through which the trailer is attached and supplied with power. The trailer is additionally secured by a mechanical locking system in the vehicle.

Both are connected to the cloud via WiFi so that communication between the vehicle and trailer works and correct positioning can take place. If the connection is poor, an alternative communication channel is used with Bluetooth.

The ATC system in detail.

Control screen

If the vehicle is located and trailer at a distance of approximately two meters from each other, the coupling process can be started. The vehicle reverses autonomously towards the trailer. The driver can follow the entire coupling process via the image from the reversing camera. The screen also shows information on brake lights, weight and distribution of the load, parking brake and speed range limitation, among other things. The trailer support wheel is automatically folded in via an electric motor. This electric motor also adjusts the height of the trailer drawbar during coupling. Cornering is made possible by a ball joint in the drawbar.

The ATC system is manufactured by Semconnot currently planned, but who knows, maybe the idea will catch on anyway.


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