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D a you somehow managed to meet your career aspirations' Oligarch 'and suddenly the anxious question arises: where to put all the money? And how do you protect all the cash from the greedy tax collectors who just want to take everything away from you? A bunker with internet access is probably one of the most unattractive solutions. On the sunny side of the options, the idea of ​​a yacht that meets all the needs of people with above-average cash reserves is now chugging: the 80-meter-long CF8 from Sea Level Yacht Design in Amsterdam. So far, the floating car showroom vacation club is just an idea.

Sea Level
The vehicles in the car show room reach the next floor via a hydraulically operated platform.

Motor Show in the stern

The chubby stern of the CF8 is no coincidence: On 1,100 square meters behind glass protecting against wind and salt water, the yacht owner's cars are waiting there for one of the rare landings to be allowed to turn the wheels. There is an elegant, hydraulically extending platform that picks up the cars from the first floor of the floating dealership.

Sea Level
The sectional drawing reveals: A power boat is lurking there in the rear.

Comprehensive mobility solutions

Appropriate mobility is also widely available on the CF8 a helicopter landing pad - this is more intended for your own helicopter than that of guests. There is also a garage for a small submarine - Sea Level proposes a model from the Californian submarine specialist DeepFlight Dragon. Cheap Otto normal consumer toys such as jet skis are a matter of course - but a sectional view of the yacht reveals that there is also a powerboat slumbering in the basement of the stern. This means that the way to the nearby port is done quickly if the champagne is running low - even if the 30-liter Melchisedech bottle in the otherwise well-stocked port shop is supposedly just out again.

Sea Level
Small billo jet ski in front of a large, expensive yacht: The Sea Level CF8 is 80 meters long.

Successful Bach pool dance combination

The CF8 also has a sun deck and a pool deck below. A small stream runs over two terraces along almost the entire upper deck, and then falls through a hole into the pool, which is many meters lower on the first floor - that might be a nice ball, a small remote-controlled model boat could be shipwrecked there. But: The waterfall hole can of course be closed. And the pool can be turned into a dance floor at the push of a button, which should also protect against attempts by Moby Dick and other consorts lured by the chlorinated water.

Sea Level
The pool on the first floor should be able to be closed to a dance floor.

Basic equipment: available

The rest of the equipment reads quite banal for a billionaire traveler: eight VIP cabins for twelve guests, one owner's apartment with one A 250-square-meter whirlpool, a sauna and a massage parlor are part of the usual equipment banter, which the client does not have to tick when ordering.

The CF8 should go up to 18 knots (33 km /h) and travel 5,000 nautical miles (9,260 kilometers) on one tank of fuel. The price is a dauntingly low $ 300 million (currently the equivalent of around 277 million euros) - fortunately without any equipment that should at least double the basic offer in terms of costs.


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