Scooter: Electric Bugatti only manages 30 km/h

The hypercar forge presented an e-scooter at CES 2022, which is being built together with partner company Bytech. Typical Bugatti brands are mainly in the lighting and design.

The Molsheim-based company could not have strayed further from the core of the brand: At the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Bugatti is showing an electric scooter that was designed together with the New York company Bytech. Is that the vision of electromobility for the hypercar manufacturer? A concept so that you don't have to walk to the door of the starred restaurant from your Chiron? If the scooter can be stowed anywhere in the sports car at all. In terms of performance and top speed, the "new model" is far removed from its brand brothers. Less than 1 hp (700 W) brings the two-wheeler to a maximum of 15 km/h.,

The aim of the presentation was to deliver a product that expands the brand's customer base. Measured against the usual investment for a Bugatti, the price balancing act should be quite wide. Although the scooter shown will certainly be more expensive than comparable products in this segment. So far, however, there is no official information on this. The technical data are known for this. The removable 360 ​​Wh battery provides a range of 22 kilometers and then takes around four hours to fully charge. The nine-inch wheels can carry riders weighing up to 110 kilos, and the maximum incline that can be overcome is given as 15 percent Shape. The curved rear light, for example, but above all the iconic blue. Alternatively, the scooter is also available in black or silver. The 15-kilo scooter is made of magnesium and aluminum. Nice detail: The small Stromer projects the Bugatti brand logo onto the asphalt to the rear, and Bugatti and Bytech also decorate the sides of the running board with narrow LED strips.,

A display on the handlebars provides information about the speed and battery charge level. Three driving modes (Eco, City and Sport) are available. With this, the Molsheim-based company is not breaking new ground, at least with regard to the pure functionality of an e-scooter. The little runabout is to go on sale soon, and by the way, it is not the first product of this kind for cooperation partner Bytech costs only $499. What Bugatti should not like about it: The performance data of the two scooters are largely the same. A circumstance that will probably never happen in the automotive world.,


From a purely technical point of view, the Bugatti scooter is not a novelty, but rather a design gimmick for brand fans. The small Stromer will probably still be more expensive than the competition, but that's what the fans want. Otherwise it doesn't feel real.


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