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Researchers in Baden-Württemberg are planning battery recycling

Recycling batteries for electric cars
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D he high energy requirement and the use of sometimes controversial raw materials for the production of batteries is a criticism that is often expressed about electric cars. In addition, the recycling of individual components of the battery at the end of the car's life is still subject to big question marks.

According to a report by the online magazine Ecomento, the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg is now funding a recycling project with 13 million euros .

Reuse raw materials

At the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, a process is to be developed with which the metals nickel, menagan and cobalt can be automatically recovered from batteries. The batteries are dismantled by robots. The recycling material is then to be added to new batteries, thereby gradually reducing the need for newly obtained raw materials. The same procedure is known, for example, from plastic bottles, some of which are made from recycled plastic.

The research project for the robot-assisted dismantling of batteries and efficient recycling is set to last four years. Franz Untersteller, Environment Minister of Baden-Württemberg, is quoted as follows: 'If we succeed in the research project to recycle individual parts such as cobalt, nickel and graphite industrially and automatically using different, environmentally friendly processes, we will not only make ourselves less dependent on raw material imports, but can also significantly improve the environmental balance of e-vehicles. '


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