PSA starts Free2Move car sharing in Paris

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2 011 A purely electric carsharing started in the Paris area with Autolib, the cars for this came from the small series manufacturer Bolloré. After the temporary end for Autolib, the PSA Group is now starting a new attempt for shared cars on the Seine.

For the car manufacturer, this will probably also offer an opportunity to inventory the small electrical goods Peugeot Ion and Citroën C. -Put Zero on the streets. Both were once developed in cooperation with Mitsubishi and are identical in construction to the Mitsubishi i-Miev, which was first introduced in 2006. The Japanese brand is now an alliance partner of Nissan and the French PSA adversary Renault.

Various price models

PSA calls the fleet of 550 electric cars that can be rented in two ways, Free2Move. Customers who take out a monthly subscription at a price of EUR 9.90 can drive a car for 32 cents per minute.

People who only move a car occasionally can use Free2Move without a subscription fee. Then a slightly higher price per minute for the rent is due at 39 cents.

In Germany, Free2Move provides customers with various service providers.

As you are used to from other free-floating services, you can use Free2Move - Park cars for free. Special electric car parking spaces, which were once intended for Autolib, can also be used.

Paris is not the first stop for Free2Move, PSA started its service back in 2016. Brigitte Courtehoux is head of Free2Move. She says: “Two years after its launch, Free2Move already has more than 1.5 million users in twelve countries and a fleet of 65,000 vehicles. We are pleased to be able to offer our car sharing service in Paris as well, and are planning to expand our offer to the surrounding metropolitan region in the near future. ”

Also for GermansCustomers have the Free2Move app. In this country, however, the offer is a platform for various car sharing and ride sharing offers such as Car2go, Clever Shuttle and Miles.


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