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Private showroom for your car: luxury garages from Fahrengold

Customizable luxury garages from Fahrengold
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D ass you for a new car from the manufacturer an online Receiving a configurator is no longer a world first. But have you ever used a configurator for a garage? Not like a kitchen planner in a furniture store, but a little slimmer. Glass, aluminum and mineral fiber insulation are the main components of lightweight garages, for which you do not even need a building permit.

Built-in charging station

The color of the exterior and interior walls of a Fahrengold Garage is created by a powder coating; Whether and how glass walls should be built is up to you in consultation with the provider. The interior can also be varied as required - it doesn't necessarily have to be a luxury sports car that is parked here. For example, you can also have a charging station installed for an electric car. Or a storage option for a second set of wheels.

There is also space for a second set of wheels.

Light , Alarm system, air conditioning and ventilation can be controlled via smartphone or digital touchpad. The Fahrengold garage is therefore a kind of smart home for your car. Your luxury garage will be delivered in individual parts after a production time of up to eight weeks. The assembly then takes place on site on a cast foundation with electricity, sewage and internet connection. Six meters in length, 3.68 meters in width and 2.56 meters in height should give most cars a befitting home. Even a Hummer H2 fits in here. The finished Fahrengold cuboid occupies around 24 square meters. So who in the future will really see his neighborswants to make you jealous, puts the chic car in an individualized garage with a glass wall facing the neighboring property.


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