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Polestar 2 in the configurator: How spectacular is the electric car?

Polestar 2 (2019) in the configurator
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W hen there is a configurator for a new car, the inner playful child is triggered immediately. This time it should be the Polestar 2. An electric car that comes from a sub-brand of Volvo. In terms of design, the four-door is kept rather sober - for this reason the said play child formulates the task in his head: “Look how spectacular the car can be assembled.” So let's get to work!

The first disappointment comes with the choice of paintwork. Although the colors have exciting names such as Thunder or Void, they are essentially slightly modified shades of gray between white and black. Somehow, “Midnight” looks the most promising. After all: none of the paintwork costs extra. Let's try our luck in the interior, for which the manufacturer defines “Charcoal Weave Tech with Black Ash deco” as a preselection.

Polestar /Screenshot
The Swedes keep it in the interior the same as on the outer skin: Rather simple and elegant than flashy.

Lots of 'shades of gray'

This interior is essentially gray - Polestar apparently stays true to its lines. It looks chic, but there is another way to be spectacular. The only option, nappa leather combined with wood decor (also free of charge), does not help. Although the perforated leather gives the seats an interesting look. Nevertheless, the dark interior looks more coherent here and therefore remains booked. It continues with the equipment packages and this is where things get funky.

Polestar /Screenshot
The biggest eye-catchers that step out of line here are the golden seat belts at the front and back.

At least a little. The use of the plural “equipment packages” suggests a range of options. In truth, there is exactly one package and that is called performance. At least that sounds promising, but what do you get for it? First of all, 20-inch wheels instead of the standard 19-inch wheels. Well, we'll be happy to take. There are also adjustable dampers from Öhlins, which, however, contribute more to traction and driving comfort than to an unusual look. Polestar also uses golden accents, albeit subtle ones. For example, the Swedes dye the valve caps, which can only be quickly discovered by the trained eye. The Brembo brake system in the same color is more visible. The greatest visual impact of this equipment package, however, are the seat belts in 'Swedish Gold' that Polestar attaches to the front and rear.

Surprise in the performance package

Whoever installs the performance package, you no longer need to consider the wheel selection in the configurator, after all, the 20-inch rims are already on it, and Polestar does not offer any other design, apart from the basic version. So it stays with the 4-Y design and we come to the summary, where a surprise awaits us.

Polestar /Screenshot
A small footnote in the summary reveals why the price doesn't change.

The base price of 59,900 euros has not changed, although we have booked everything that the configuratorgives away. Admittedly, that's not a lot, but car manufacturers still don't usually give gifts. The interesting detail about our Polestar 2 is hidden under the item “Disclaimer”, because there it is written: “This is a preliminary and not a final configuration. If necessary, additional options may be available at a later date. The price is indicative and may change depending on local taxes and fees. ”

Aha. In German that means something like: Your configuration was actually meaningless, because you may or may not get the car in this composition. And maybe or maybe not it will cost 59,900 euros - but we don't guarantee anything. We take three things from this note: firstly, you can confidently wait with the configuration of your Polestar 2, secondly, there may be a few cool options and thirdly, if you have a tendency towards a more sporty look, you might choose the Polestar 1. However, it is sizzling around 155,000 euros a slightly bigger hole in the household budget.


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