Park Now now a joint startup of BMW and Daimler

BMW and Daimler invest in joint ventures
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D aimler and BMW are running a joint venture with Park Now, which is supposed to help find and pay for parking spaces. The parking service can find free parking spaces and makes it possible to use parking garages without taking a ticket - payment is cashless and automated. According to Park Now, finding parking spaces accounts for 30 percent of inner-city traffic. The service provider should help reduce this search traffic.

5 companies with 1,000 employees

Park Now says it has 30 million customers in 1,100 cities, and we together with Charge Now from Jörg Reimann and Thomas Menzel led. In addition to Park Now and Charge Now, BMW and Daimler are investing in the joint ventures Reach Now, Free Now and Share Now. Worldwide, up to 1,000 people will work in the five joint ventures. BMW and Daimler speak of 60 million customers worldwide.


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