Panel from Hella: light and sensors on the front

The supplier Hella has developed a panel that combines lighting technology and sensors for driving assistants on the front of electric cars.

The transition to electromobility is not only changing the model ranges of car manufacturers, it is also creating new approaches for suppliers. The lighting specialist Hella uses the possibilities offered by doing without a classic radiator grille for new design concepts.

The free space at the front of an electric car can be used by an illuminated panel. With LED technology, it should be possible to create different signatures in daylight and at night. But the lighting is not the only purpose. In addition to the headlights, Hella also wants to integrate the sensors for driving assistants in the form of radar, lidar and cameras under the cover.

Heating for better orientation in winter

An integrated heater should ensure that all assistance systems - and in the future also the autonomous driving functions - work reliably even in snowfall and icy temperatures. A European car manufacturer is already a Hella customer for the multifunctional panel. A panel with a width of more than one meter is to go into series production at a "European electric vehicle brand" before the end of this year.


The omission of a radiator grille offers new design possibilities for electric cars. The supplier Hella offers a panel with lighting technology that also serves as a cover for the sensors and cameras in a car. Thanks to the heating function, the vehicles do not become "blind" even in winter.


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