Overview: The electric car prices in Germany

Electric car prices in Germany
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The prices of the models offered by Tesla change almost to the rhythm of fuel prices . Now it's going up again - with the mid-range Model 3. All versions now cost $ 400 more in the US (currently around 358 euros). The cheapest online M odel 3 is available for 39,900 dollars (35,675 euros) on the website. The only recently available $ 35,000 entry-level version (31,294 euros) has disappeared from online presence. If you want to buy the cheapest Model 3, you either have to call the manufacturer or visit one of the shops.

With 6,950 euros before discounts and premiums, the Renault Twizy is the cheapest vehicle in our list.

In Germany, the cheapest Model 3 currently costs from 44,500 euros. The cheapest entry into the world of electric cars is still offered by the Renault Twizy, which is certified in accordance with the registration regulations for quads: it costs 6,950 euros plus battery rental. The cheapest 'real' car will be the e.Go Mobile Life 20 for 15,900 euros from late summer 2019. Important: The purchase (purchase or leasing) of an electric vehicle is still rewarded with a bonus of 4,000 euros, the maximum purchase price is 60,000 euros (net list price) for the basic vehicle. The federal government and the car manufacturers each share half the premium. The table below shows the prices of all electric cars currently on sale in Germany.


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