OTA update for C and S Class: Zero Layer in MBUX

Mercedes is installing an OTA update for the C and S class. This brings with it the adaptive zero layer known from EQS and EQE for the MBUX infotainment system.

With the standard infotainment MBUX, Mercedes has installed a powerful system in its vehicles. Thanks to the permanent online connection, the system is already capable of learning and gradually adopts the user's speech pattern and speech melody more precisely. In the electric models EQS and EQE, Mercedes has taken the next step in terms of personalization with the so-called zero layer. The C-Class (from production March 2021) and the S-Class (including the Maybach from production June 2021) will also receive this feature with the next OTA update. ,

Driver preferences at a glance

The zero layer is an initially invisible operating level on the main screen of the MBUX. The system remembers the driver's preferences and places applications and shortcuts situationally and contextually on the top menu level - the zero layer. The driver always has the option of temporarily hiding or blocking the application suggestions. ,

So if you regularly make a phone call at a certain time or like to use the massage function of the seats on certain sections of the route - the system remembers the usual settings and usual routes. More than 20 functions are observed, tracked and put into context by the MBUX. Incidentally, the approach is not entirely new. The Jaguar Land Rover System Pivi Pro , for example, has a similar function for context-based content delivery. The Over-The-Air update (OTA update) is free for Mercedes customers. A message in the vehicle or via the Mercedes Me App informs users about the offer. In our photo show at the top of the article you can see the technology dispenser EQS .


Mercedes is giving the C and S class a free infotainment update. This makes the vehicles more capable of learning and automatically plays context-related content onto the user interface of the MBUX. The so-called Zero Layer had already made its debut in EQS and EQE.


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